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The new report of the Institute of Finance – Cash and Non-cash Payments

Date: 20 June 2022

The newest Report of the Institute of Finance developed by the Public Policy Team, entitled “Cash and Non-cash Payments” will be presented next Tuesday (June, the 21th) during the Forum Vision of Development held at the Naval Academy in Gdynia.

It focuses on discussing the situations of the payment system in Poland and the directions of its development. The report analyses not only the longstanding trends, but also the new ones – associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The publications consists of three parts. It explains many issues important both from the political and business leaders’ point of view. It presents, among others, the change in the structure of Poles’ expenditure focusing on the type of transaction (cash or non-cash), as well as Poland’s position in terms of “non-cash payments” compared to the EU.We strongly encourage you to participate in the Discussion Panel organized by the Institute of Finance, to discuss the conclusions of the report. Our guests will be:

The discussion will be led by Katarzyna Obłąkowska co-author of the Report and Head of the Public Policies Team of the Institute of Finance.

More details about the speakers and the whole event at Forum Wizja Rozwoju

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