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Finances? What does it Mean? NATIONAL ART COMPETITION

Grafika promująca konkurs plastyczny Finanse, a co to takiego? Po lewej nazwa konkursu, po prawej zdjęcie uśmiechniętych dzieci, chłopca i dziewczynki leżących na ziemi wśród akcesoriów do malowania.

Date: 30 September 2022

Finances? What does it Mean?


We invite kindergartens to participate in the competition!

The competition is dedicated to preschool children in order to raise their curiosity about finance from an early age by promoting very basic financial knowledge in an accessible way as well as encouraging teachers to enhance interest in this topic during classes. The program that consists of carrying out a framework lesson plan along with creating an art project will help familiarize the youngest with the basics of the world of finance in a friendly manner.

As the Institute of Finance, we observe the need to start developing positive financial attitudes from the first years of life. The adopted form of an art competition is aimed at providing children with the elemental knowledge in the field of finance in an amiable and, hopefully, creative way. Stimulating their interest in the topic will facilitate educating them to become informed citizens in the future, who possess the ability to manage their budgets sustainably and sensibly. The prize in the competition comprises both educational packages for the entire kindergartens as well as individual gifts for the authors of the winning submissionsemphasizes Łukasz Chrobak, Director of the Institute of Finance.

The competition’s rules:

Teachers receive a worksheet with ideas to implement in their lessons from the Organizer – the materials constitute merely an inspiration that is allowed to be further modified and expanded.

On the basis of the introduced items, children create an art project summarizing the topic of finance (their associations and memorized concepts) with the teacher’s instructions. We kindly ask to enable children to make their projects during the class with the teacher.

The projects in A3 or A4 format are permitted to be made using any technique, e.g. crayons, paints or other artistic materials (we recommend not to use loose materials), except photographs.

The teacher selects a maximum of 5 projects from the group, and the kindergartens that have decided to take part in the competition  send the submissions collectively (all projects from a given institution in one shipment) to the address of the Institute of Finance.

In order to join the competition, it is necessary to submit the online application form and send the art projects by post to the following address: Instytut Finansów, ul. Świętokrzyska 12, 00-916 Warsaw with annotation – “art competition”

The competition lasts from October 3 to November 10, 2022. However, the Organizer reserves the right to extend the deadline.

The competition will be settled by November 30, 2022 through an announcement on infin.gov.pl.

The Commission will award 10 submitted projects, and 3 best works will be subsequently selected out of them.

The awards:

Each of the kindergartens that sends the awarded projects will receive the ”ABC Ekonomii” package, which is a teaching aid for the youngest. The authors of the awarded works will also obtain individual prizes. Additionally, in the three institutions rated the highest, the awards will be handed in person by a representative of the Institute of Finance alongside a talk with the preschoolers.

More information can be found in the Regulations of the competition enclosed below.

Regulations of InFin art competition

Feel welcome to participate!

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