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Geocaching Paths of Institute of Finance

Date: 15 November 2022

Another educational project of the Institute of Finance has been officially launched. Geocaching paths combine financial education with outdoor activities in two of the greenest places in Warsaw – Pole Mokotowskie and Park Moczydło. Geocaching is a type of a field game whose aim is to search for spots (boxes) hidden in the area using the GPS receiver in a smartphone. The location data of subsequent boxes is obtained after correctly solving tasks connected to finances that are assigned to each spot. We warmly invite teenagers and children as well as all the lovers of active leisure to participate in the game. For more information, see the Geocaching tab on our website.

Friendly Finances

Friendly Finances is a series addressed mainly to primary school students, which leads through the most basic issues in the field of finance, from how money is made, to personal finances, to concepts related to banking institutions. While going through the path, you will realize that money exists not only in a form of a banknote or a coin, read what institution the bank of banks is, and learn how to save and multiply money. Tracking down all the boxes in the series reveals the location of the final one. The Friendly Finances path is a great idea for spending an active weekend with children outdoors.

Location of the path: Pola Mokotowskie

Financial market

Financial Market is a slightly more demanding series addressed to older primary school students and those in secondary schools. In an straightforward way, the caches explain the topic of money circulation, the differences between the basic types of financial market institutions together with the clarification of the roles of several of them, and introduce concepts related to investing. Similarily to the first path, finding six spots allows you to discover the location of the final box.

Location of the path: Park Moczydło

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