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Institute of Finance at the XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz

forum karpacz

Date: 12 September 2023

At the Economic Forum in Karpacz, Łukasz Chrobak, Director of the Institute of Finance, spoke on a thematic panel on the development of digital money.

The next edition of the Economic Forum in Karpacz, now in its thirty-second year, was held on 5-7 September 2023. The watchword of the last edition was “New values of the Old Continent – Europe at the threshold of change”. Experts from many industries and countries debated the development of industry and business and the biggest challenges currently faced by the Old Continent.

Łukasz Chrobak, Director of the Institute of Finance, appeared as a guest speaker at a panel discussion entitled “Central Bank Digital Money – progress or threat?”.

Other participants in the discussion included Bogusław Półtorak – Deputy Dean for Education at the Wrocław University of Economics, Jan Komorowski – Professor at the Department of Capital Markets and Financial Theory at the Warsaw School of Economics, and Mirosław Singer – Director of Institutional Affairs and Chief Economist at Generali CEE Holding B.V.

“Is digital money the future or a threat? This question has ignited a discussion in the financial world in recent times. There were both arguments for and against. The introduction of a digital currency would increase the role of the central bank and reduce the role of commercial banks. At the same time, it could create difficulties in controlling the flow of money, especially in times of crisis”.

During the panel, the current state of work at the European Central Bank regarding the implementation of digital currency was presented, and potential repercussions of introducing such a solution in our country were analysed.

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