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Investor’s Tax Guide

Bane Przewodnika podatkowego inwestora. Po lewej tytuł, po prawej grafika z monetami ułożonymi w wieże.

Date: 12 October 2022

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the latest publication of the Institute of Finance, carried out in the cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and National Revenue Administration.

“Investor’s Tax Guide. Reliefs and Incentives” is a study dealing with cross-sectional tax issues for investors in Poland. We are a country situated in one of the most strategically attractive locations for doing business in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the key factors strengthening the potential of investments in our country is the straightforward Polish tax law; and in our guide we elaborate on its most important elements from an entrepreneur’s point of view.

All this guarantees attractive conditions to run a business at the heart of Europe, enabling to open up modern investment hubs that provide opportunities for further expansion into European markets.

The study includes answers to the questions regarding, among others:

– What kind of support can the entrepreneurs who decide to start business activity in Poland count on?

– Is the Polish tax law system investor-friendly?

– Can you negotiate with the tax authorities?

You can find the guide in the Studies tab/booklet and at the link below:


We invite you to read.

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