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New report of Institute of Finance – Solutions conducive to innovation and R&D activity in Poland against the background of selected countries

Tekst: Rozwiązania sprzyjające innowacjom oraz działalności B+R w Polsce na tle wybranych państw

Date: 12 December 2022

The Institute of Finance’s report describes an important topic of legislative solutions enhancing innovative economy

Recent years have been the time of growing importance of the knowledge-based economy. Innovations as well as research and development activities have been crucial in achieving economic growth by developed countries. Recognizing the possibilities and countless benefits of this type of economy, countries are more and more often deciding to introduce regulations to support the development in these key areas. The analysis of these solutions is the subject of the following report.

Discussing the most interesting solutions supporting the innovative economy, the authors first introduce the meaning of related concepts. What is innovation? What is R&D activity? Are these concepts the same or are they different? These concepts have been explained on the basis of international thematic manuals.

In this study, the solutions functioning in ten European countries have been analysed. The research group was selected in such a way that it enabled taking both the largest economies of our continent (Germany, France, Great Britain) and neighboring countries at a similar level of development (for example, other members of the Visegrad Group, i.e. the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) into cosideration. The analysis focused on, on the one hand, preferences in terms of levies that such “innovative” entities have to pay (taxes, social security contributions, etc.), and on the other hand, all programs for financing this type of activity from public funds.

Ideas taken from other countries are juxtaposed in the last chapter with solutions functioning in Poland. The history of the evolution of innovation and R&D support instruments up to the present time is described. How can we encourage entrepreneurs to conduct research and development activities in Poland? Potential areas of development based on inspiration with solutions from the analyzed countries are indicated at the end of the report.

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