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Presentation of outstanding economists commemorated in the “Almanac of Polish Economic Thought of the 20th Century”

Tekst: Almanach polskiej myśli ekonomicznej XX wieku. Adam Doboszyński, Ignacy Czuma

Date: 13 December 2022

We present two more outstanding Polish economists featured in “The Almanac of Polish Economic Thought in the 20th Century”. Its premiere will take place this Thursday, 15 December. The Almanac commemorates the profiles and ideas of the most prominent Polish economists over the decades and discusses their achievements.

Adam Doboszyński

Adam Doboszyński, source: Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw

Doboszyński Adam

Adam Władysław Doboszyński was born on 11 January 1904 in Kraków and died on 29 August 1949 in Warsaw. He was a Polish engineer, politician, sapper reserve officer and writer, as well as a member of the Camp of Great Poland and the National Party. He was a precursor and one of the leading representatives of Polish Distributism. His political trial and

Ignacy Czuma

Ignacy Czuma, source: http://www.czuma.pl/ignacy/

Czuma Ignacy

Ignacy Czuma was born on 22 October 1891 in Niepołomice, and died on 18 April 1963 in Lublin. In 1922, he became a lecturer at the Department of Treasury and Fiscal Law of the Faculty of Law and Social and Economic Sciences of the Catholic University of Lublin. In the years 1926-1928 and 1933-1934, he was Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Law, and in 1938-1939 Vice-Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin. Additionally, he was politically and socially active. He was a member of the Catholic Action, the Polish Western Union and other organizations. From 1927, he belonged to the Polish Catholic People’s Party. In 1938, he headed the Anti-Communist Committee (Anti-Bolshevik League). In the years 1930-1935, he was a member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland from the BBWR list. He participated in the work on the April Constitution of 1935, and was, among other things, the author of the phrase contained therein about the President’s responsibility before God and history.

Publication in Polish.

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