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Recruitment for the 2nd edition of the Academy of Finance has started!

Grafika ze startu rekrutacji do Akademii Finansów. Po lewej stronie tekst Rusza rekrutacja, po prawej grafika z klepsydrą.

Date: 29 September 2022

Academy of Finance is a project addressed to students of both the final year of high school and university interested in the subject of public finances, state budget, state treasury, and capital market, as well as keen on acquiring unique knowledge and experience. During the project, participants will take part in a series of lectures and workshops conducted by experts of key state administration bodies, including members of their management, dealing with the financial market in Poland.

In addition, Academy will offer participants an opportunity to undergo soft skills training such as the art of self-presentation and public speaking. There will be chance to utilize the obtained abilities during the final task, Oxford Style Debate Tournament, which will summarize the knowledge gained throughout the project. The topic of this year’s recruitment task is: “The role of the state in times of crisis”.

More information and the recruitment form can be found in the Akademia Finansów tab.

Limitations: the maximum age – 25 years old, the minimum level of education – the final year of high school, the maximum level of education – the fourth year of university.


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