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The Final Gala of the 2nd edition of the Academy of Finance is behind us. Prizes were awarded in several categories.

Zdjęcie grupowe kilkudziesięciu osób, wszyscy stoją na scenie.

Date: 19 December 2022

On Saturday, 17 December, a ceremonial gala was held at the Quotation Room of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, summing up the second edition of the Academy of Finance organised by the Institute of Finance. The Academy is an educational project addressed to both high school graduates and university students of law, economics, finance and sociology.

The Academy of Finance is an initiative that aims at awakening the potential in young people, who may possibly influence the development of the financial market through their work in the future. The project is directed to high school and university students. As part of the second edition of the Academy, forty participants participated in a series of workshops, lectures and debates, acquiring knowledge and experience related to the financial market. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki addressed the participants of the ceremonial gala with an opening speech:

“The Academy of Finance, of which you are participants, is a necessary breath of fresh air in public administration. I am glad that you already want to realize your potential in public institutions at such a young age. Let me be clear, the state needs you like never before. I congratulate all the winners of the Academy and hope that you will soon be in the news”.

The ceremony was attended by the participants of the Academy, the management of the Institute of Finance, as well as some special guests. Among those who honoured the gala with their presence were Secretary of State, General Inspector of Financial Information Sebastian Skuza, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Finance Piotr Patkowski, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Development and Technology Kamila Król, Deputy Financial Ombudsman Ziemowit Bagłajewski and President of the WSE Foundation Piotr Krygiel.

During his speech, the Director of the Institute of Finance, Łukasz Chrobak, thanked the participants for their commitment to the Academy. He also expressed the hope that many of the young people participating in the Academy will in the future be the strength of the Polish financial sector, which needs youth and energy.

The challenges faced by young people starting their careers in the public administration sector were discussed during a special discussion panel by special guests. Piotr Patkowski, Kamila Król and Ziemowit Bagłajewski shared their knowledge and experience with the young people, while discussing current economic topics.

During the gala, all the participants of the project were given certificates of completion of the Academy and awards in several categories. The main prize included paid professional internships at the Institute of Finance.

The second edition of the Academy of Finance proved to be a great success. It attracted many creative young people with great potential. We would like to thank all participants and we are looking forward to the next edition, which will take place in the coming year.

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