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The final of the competition “Finances? What does it Mean?”

Na stole leży kilka prac namalowanych przez dzieci na konkurs plastyczny o świecie finansów. W tle niebieska ścianka z napisem Instytut Finansów.

Date: 30 November 2022

Thank you for all the projects you sent us.

We are impressed with how much children are interested in financial topics and how accurately they depict them. We received hundreds of applications and had to choose the winners among almost 400 works.

The form of an art competition we have adopted is intended to provide children with basic knowledge in the field of finance in a friendly and creative way. By organizing the art competition, we want to educate the society from the ground up and create projects to arouse interest and promote financial topics among the youngest. The best art projects are rewarded with ”ABC Ekonomii” books, which explain financial concepts in an accessible manner – said Łukasz Chrobak, Director of the Institute of Finance

We are pleased to inform you that the competition has been settled.

As a result of the committee’s work, the prizes were awarded to the selected kindergartens that submitted the projects.

You can find the winners below:

1st place Local Government Kindergarten No. 176 them. Maria Konopnicka in Cracow

2nd place Private Kindergarten 4 PORY ROKU in Ciele

3rd place Municipal Kindergarten No. 2 in Bochnia

distinction Preschool Department at the Primary School. Juliusz Słowacki in Lgota

distinction Kindergarten No. 2 them. Czerwony Kapturek in Radzymin

distinction Kindergarten with Integration Departments No. 102 in Warsaw

distinction Leśne Skrzaty Kindergarten in Michałówka

distinction Complex of Educational Institutions Kindergarten in Kozubowo

distinction Municipal Kindergarten No. 1 in Lubin

distinction Kindergarten No. 348 in Warsaw

In a few of the institutions the award will be handed in person by a representative of the Institute of Finance.

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