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We started 2nd editon of Academy of Finance

Mężczyzna w centrum zdjęcia przemawia ze sceny przy mównicy do grupy studentów.

Date: 31 October 2022

The first meeting of the 2nd edition of the Academy of Finance, i.e. the largest educational project of the Institute of Finance, took place on Saturday, October 29. After months of preparation, we had the opportunity to see the selected participants live for the first time.

The meeting was attended by 40 students of both the final year of high school and university from across Poland, who prepared the best papers on the topic “The Role of the State in Times of Crisis”.

The whole event took place in the headquarter of the Ministry of Finance.

The Academy was opened by Łukasz Chrobak, Director of the Institute of Finance. After the ceremony and the opening speech that was delivered by Piotr Patkowski, Vice Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance and Chief Spokesman for the Discipline of Public Finance, the participants were drawn into teams to be able to enter Oxford-style Debate Tournament further during the Academy. After the official part of the meeting, they received welcome packages.

Afterwards, the lecture was presented by Ziemowit Bagłajewski, Deputy Financial Ombudsman, who talked about the role and tasks of the Financial Ombudsman.

The first meeting of the Academy of Finance was concluded with public speaking trainings conducted by Paulina Pepera and Magda Kapitańczyk from the Nowy Głos Foundation.

During each of the lectures and trainings, the participants were actively involved, and they asked numerous questions.

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