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Public Policies Team

The tasks of the team include conducting research in regard to public administration, public management and public economy. Furthermore, team members deal with the implementation of research and preparation of reports in the field of relations and the impact of economic strategies on public finances and the creation of legislative solutions for the needs of the Ministry of Finance.

Tax Research Team

The team carries out tasks in the field of tax research in constant cooperation with experts and the academic community. The results of the team’s work are announced at seminars, conferences and symposiums organized by the Institute of Finance.

Macroeconomic Research Team

Members of a team are responsible for substantive support of the Ministry of Finance and cooperation with analytical centers and experts in the field of macro and microeconomic modeling.

Behavioral Analysis and Social Research Team

The team carries out research in the field of public finances, budget and financial institutions using the techniques of behavioral economics and economic psychology. In addition, it conducts social research of citizens’ opinions, knowledge and competences in regard to public finances, budget and financial institutions.

Educational and Publishing Team

The team carries out tasks in the field of educational and training activities related to public finances, budget and financial institutions, and coordinates activities related to the promotion of initiatives pursued by the Institute, including the organization of seminars and conferences as well as the publication of research and reports.

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